The “EDGE Chart of the Day” was created back in 2007 when Wizetrade had an office in Hong Kong. At that time, the morning show of WizetradeTV was called the Morning EDGE (we still broadcast the Morning EDGE daily via webinars¬†every trading day). Our strategist, Sochi So, thought that it would be a great idea if we gave our traders a chart to look at every day that could teach our traders something, or show a great example. At that time the EDGE chart was created.

E – Every

D – Day

G – Great

E- Example

Daily I will try to post an EDGE chart of the day. It will show you a good technical setup, and perhaps help you understand different technical formations. Don’t take them as a recommendation to take action in the markets, use them as a tool to understand patterns and what happens after. And in the future, when you recognize a good setup or pattern, you may have the confidence to take action in the market.


MorningEDGE1 (3)


  1. Hello

    I hope to be in good health

    How can I see all the daily charts that you make it

    Is there a subscription for service ?

    I think you are very skilled in your work and I hope to learn from you

    My thanks and appreciation

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